Consumer Health Online
2017 Research Report

As part of our commitment to making credible and meaningful health information easier to access and identify, we commissioned Brightline Strategies to conduct a study of 1,509 adults in the United States who have engaged with health-related information online in the past 12 months.

In the Consumer Health Online - 2017 Research Report, we highlighted the key findings and included the in depth data segments from the study. Our intention in sharing this research is to enable health marketers, strategists, and innovators who are advancing the future of health online to have the insights they need to meet the growing demand of consumers seeking health information online.

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Key Findings from the Report

Older generations are interacting and engaging with their healthcare online more than ever before.

Consumers are defining “health” with more wellness/fitness-focused words than traditional healthcare words.

Consumers are likely to trust a website recommended by their doctor yet only 17% report being recommended online content by their doctor.

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