The .health domain Launch

Industry Access Period
for the Health Industry
July 20th - Nov 30th, 2017

The Industry Access period is the second phase of the .health launch during which qualified health industry brands, organizations, and people can register .health domain names before names are available to the general public.

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Who can register .health domains during Industry Access?

Health-related brands, organizations and individuals can register a .health domain name during the Industry Access Period. Registrations during this period require a token — a non-transferable and single-use code which allows applicants who were approved for an Industry Access token to register a domain at the registrar partner of their choosing.

How do I get an Industry Access token?

Tokens are distributed by health industry partners to their constituents. You can also apply for a token directly via the .health token application form.

How much do .health domains cost during Industry Access?

Prices vary by registrar - We encourage you to contact your preferred domain registrar to find out more about pricing for .health domains.

Where can .health domain names be registered during the Industry Access phase?

During Industry Access period, you can register .health domains at the following domain registrars:

Com Laude
Domain Research
Entorno Digital
Gandi Internet GmbH

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