The .health domain Launch

.health will be launching in a phased registration process to ensure that domains are available as soon as possible to the appropriate communities, while building a credible domain landscape that meets the needs of end users. In order to maintain trusted and meaningful content on the ,health domainscape, our team is creating an advisory board comprised of top executives from across the industry to establishes terms and policies that deter misuse of .health domains, deploying technical solutions to protect the domainspace, requiring SSL certificates of all registrants, and periodically reviewing sites while possibly removing those that clearly violate those terms and/or policies.

Sunrise/Trademark Access
May 8th - July 7th, 2017

During the Sunrise phase, entities that hold an existing trademark in ICANN’s Trademark Clearinghouse have the opportunity to claim their .health domain before anyone else. This is an important first step in ensuring a credible and focused .health domainspace.

Industry Access
July 20th - Nov 30th, 2017

During the Industry Access period, qualified health industry brands, organizations, and people will be able to apply for a single-use token through dotHealth, which they can then use at any participating registrar to register their domain. You can apply now and if your application is approved, you will receive your token at the beginning of the Industry Access period beginning on July 20th, 2017. Once your token is received, you will be able to use your token at an authorized registrar to purchase your .health domain before the general public!

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General Availability
Dec 5th, 2017

General availability indicates registrations are open to the public, yet backed by .health’s terms and policies that safeguard the credibility of the domainspace.

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