FAQs about .health

What is .health?

.health is a new domain extension for brands, organizations, and people who provide high quality health-related products, services, and information.

Why is .health launching?

Consumer research indicates that the online health information landscape is crowded and often confusing. Even when health information seekers find content, it is hard to tell what is credible and to make it actionable. The new .health domain name extension was created to provide a focused, credible and meaningful address for health-related information, products or services. Finally, there is a home for health online.

Why should I get a .health?

If you are a brand, organization or individual that has high-quality health information to share, you should build on a .health domain.

How do I get a .health domain?

.health is offering a phased registration process to ensure that domains are available as soon as possible to the appropriate communities, while building a credible domain landscape that meets the needs of end users.

Our launch plan includes a Sunrise Period for trademark holders to register domains, an Industry Access Period to allow qualified health-related entities early access to domains, and General Availability during which anyone can register a .health domain. However, it should be noted that the .health terms of service strongly recommend that only content related to health and wellness should be hosted on a .health domain. Click here to learn more about the phased launch and click here to apply for a .health domain.

Can I pre-register a specific .health domain name?

As the registry, dotHealth cannot "pre-register" any specific domain names for you. Any "pre-registration" is handled directly with a registrar (i.e. GoDaddy or Web.com). We recommend that you contact your preferred registrar directly to understand if they offer pre-registration and their exact pre-registration policies. Pre-registration is offered by select registrars only for the General Availability phase which begins on December 5, 2017. If you are in the health industry and would like to apply for a .health domain before General Availability, we encourage you to apply for an Industry Access token at get.health/apply

I have pre-registered a .health domain on a registrar site, do I still need to apply during Industry Access?

The term “pre-registration” is used to describe a process at the registrar level (i.e. GoDaddy or Web.com), not at the registry level (i.e. dotHealth). If you have "pre-registered” at a registrar, you are applying for registration during the General Availability period, which starts on December 5, 2017. If you are a part of the health industry and want to obtain your domain during the Industry Access Period (July 20 - November 30, 2017), you must do so through this website at get.health/apply.

When is .health launching?

.health is offering a phased registration process to ensure that domains are available as soon as possible to the appropriate communities, while building a credible domain landscape that meets the needs of end users. Learn more here.

I was given an invite code to redeem a token...now what?

Congrats! You have been given an invite code to build on a .health domain. In order to redeem your token, complete this form and be sure to include the access code you were given. Once the Industry Access period begins on July 20, you will be emailed a single-use, non-transferable token to register a .health domain.

Will search engines index .health domains?

Search engines treat new top level domains (TLDs), such as .health, the same way they treat existing domains, such as .com or .org. Therefore, you can expect your site to appear in search engine results based on the content you publish and keywords you use, regardless of the domain extension that you use. Popular search engines like Google have robust resources available online to help you generate the best search engine ranking. All .health sites will be required to have SSL security certificates, which automatically rank .health sites higher than sites on other TLDs with no SSL certificates.

What is a domain name?

A domain name is a unique word or phrase in a particular format that allows people to find information on the Internet. Domain names are part of the domain name system (DNS), a naming system for anything participating in the Internet (like a company, organization, product, service or individual). It translates domain names meaningful to humans into the numbers used by servers and other machines to locate these participants anywhere in the world. For example, www.public.health (for humans) could translate to to (for machines).

What is a TLD?

A Top Level Domain, or ‘TLD’, is the group of letters that follow the final dot of any domain name. For example, in the domain name www.public.health, the top-level domain is ‘health’. In the past, TLD’s have been limited, with the most commonly used TLD’s being .COM, NET, and .EDU – however, in 2013, other domain extensions like .health and .NINJA were opened to registrars in order to broaden the world of web addresses. Now your website can incorporate something unique about you without ending in a .COM! What are you doing for your .health?

How much will a .health domain cost?

Pricing details are not yet available. Sign up here to be notified of updates when they are available.

Who is behind .health?

.health is brought to you by the same team that brought you the global .CO domain extension. These veterans of the domain business have been challenging the TLD status quo for years. Now, they’re setting their sights on the healthcare industry - ripe for disruption.

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