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KipuHealth is an end-to-end EMR solution for treatment centers that specialize in behavioral health, addictions, and eating disorders. An alternative to “big, expensive EMRs,” KipuHealth understands the unique needs of these centers and how they operate.

This specialized EMR includes an integrated CRM that helps with lead generation, marketing, and patient communications. Every touchpoint in the pre-admissions process, from the verification of benefits to the ordering of lab tests, is tracked and streamlined.

When the patient is ready to be admitted, the entire admission packet is loaded in one click, cutting admission time from three hours to one. Throughout treatment, the system helps staff and clinicians facilitate assessments, manage medications, create treatment plans, add progress notes, generate custom reports, help with discharge planning, and more. Everything is cleverly linked together in the system, providing a comprehensive snapshot of each patient.

Once a patient is discharged, KipuHealth's automated billing expedites the claim submission process, speeding payments and reducing expenditures.


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