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DDA Medical

Health Technology

The website introduces the world to DDA Medical's original eLearning platform design and development which is based on a highly integrated approach featuring hybrid technologies that combine web design, video, animation, gamification, database development, and interactivity programming to make unique, immersive learning experiences that bring the material to life. The website is fully responsive, automatically optimizing its presentation to users on all browsers, devices, and screen sizes. The bold colors and large graphics of completed eLearning platforms visually communicate the value of the company's advanced aesthetics and design, and intuitive navigation keeps visitors moving through the site to learn more. Background on the company includes a brief history, an executive summary, testimonials, a client list, and a description of awards won. The website also links to other DDA Medical websites to give visitors a chance to understand the companies' core competencies in even greater depth.

DDA Medical

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