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IKONA creates immersive content and mixed reality applications designed to transform the patient experience and train the next generation of healthcare providers. Working at the intersection of storytelling, healthcare and technology, IKONA collaborates closely with medical institutions to identify their needs and implement research-backed solutions that have been clinically-proven to decrease patient stress and improve patient satisfaction.

Since its founding, IKONA has maintained a laser focus on technological advancements. Working closely with Chief VR/AR Strategist Kel O’Neill, an Emmy-nominated immersive filmmaker who led the Economist’s forays into VR, IKONA is now creating a library of immersive content tailored to meet the needs of medical institutions of all sizes. To build out their collection of AR apps and VR experiences, IKONA has enlisted a roster of creators that includes an Oculus VR For Good Fellow, a Lovie- and Digiday-award-winning creative technologist, and an expanding roster of graphic designers, developers and producers who have taken leading roles in projects for such clients as the Wall Street Journal, PBS and Within.

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