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HealthVoyager is a joint initiative between Boston Children's Hospital and Klick Health to give patients a new way to interact with their health data.

Using a modern and simplified interface, healthcare professionals can easily drag and drop findings directly onto a digital representation of the patient's anatomy. Patients are then able to access a mobile app to view their health findings at any time. Upon scanning the report generated by the healthcare professional, they are able to customize a personal avatar that will guide them through their own medical findings. Leveraging the latest in data visualization and virtual reality, patients are able to explore the outcomes of the their procedures. Every patient will get a unique view that is tailored to their own findings, and will be able to fully understand what is happening within their own body.

HealthVoyager gives patients a new way to interact with their health data. By providing findings in a personalized and approachable way, patients are now able to fully comprehend their individual results and connect with their healthcare providers in a new way.

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