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RMDY Health’s mission is to offer healthcare and wellness companies a powerful and flexible platform to bring them to the forefront of the digital realm for increased efficiency and outcomes. With a configurable health & wellness platform, any legacy provider, payer, pharma or wellness company can rapidly become a leading digital powerhouse, while helping people manage their conditions and reach their goals.

RMDY Health rebranded from Wellness Layers and launched as their primary website in February 2018 to better represent the company's more integral role in care delivery and treatment. “We believe that there is a huge market of legacy stakeholders looking for a simple solution to bring their own clinical programs to the digital realm,” says Udi Goori, Chief Product Officer. “We created a simple bring-your-own-program, bring-your-own-clinician framework to address that, enabling complex programs to be scaled and rendered even more effectively.”

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RMDY Health

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