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Progenics Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

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New York-based Progenics Pharmaceuticals specializes in medicine and other types of technologies that identify, target, and treat cancer — prostate cancer in particular. Progenics created as part of an awareness campaign focused on paraganglioma-pheochromocytoma – a condition that’s often hereditary and easily misdiagnosed. According to the site, this condition has over 100 different symptoms and is so uncommon that’s it’s difficult to get the right kind of treatment even after you’ve been correctly diagnosed.

Through, Progenics empowers the public with the information they need, and stresses knowledge and action as the keys to combating this rare condition. The site includes in-depth information about the condition, including its origins, symptoms, testing and treatment options, and other resources for both patients and physicians.

We love seeing a pharmaceutical company use their .health domain to empower patients with the information they need to be advocates for their own healthcare.

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Progenics Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

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