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Health Associations

Medical associations comprised of healthcare providers and health-related trade groups have rebranded to .health domains.

American College of Perioperative Medicine is a community of healthcare providers, patients, industry and insurers that aims to break the current barriers in the provision of surgical care.

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Health Information

From health blogs to educational sites, brands, organizations and people have registered .health domains to aggregate health information. is a blog that educates readers about how VR technology is positively impacting patients and healthcare providers across the world.

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Health Products

From pharmaceutical firms to medical devices, companies are registering .health domains to best market and sell their health-related products.

ComboCap is the world’s first 2-in-1 capsule with a movable membrane in which two substances such as liquid and dry ingredients can be combined side-by-side within a single capsule.

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Health Technology

Hospital innovation groups and technology companies advancing health are building on .health domains to properly brand and position their innovative health products.

Flo holds the #1 position among period tracking apps and other female health-related products in the App Store in over 50 countries.

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