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ApoQlar Launched VSI.health to Simplify Surgery with Augmented Reality

Surgical procedures are often complicated for doctors and scary for patients, but thanks to recent advancements in medical technology, mixed/augmented reality is helping to simplify surgery for doctors and ease preoperative anxiety for patients. Virtual Surgery Intelligence (VSI) allows surgeons to use mixed/augmented reality from MRI or CT scans for surgical procedures or patient education.

VSI.health was launched by an international software company named ApoQlar, which focuses on developing augmented reality and mixed reality software for business solutions. ApoQlar aims to develop classical holographic software as well as medical healthcare using VSI. Whether training to be a surgeon or checking how a patient responded to a procedure, VSI will help improve anatomical orientation and reduce unforeseen complications.

Due to the many acute stressors that surgeons encounter while operating, VSI is designed to help surgeons before, during, and after an operation. Using MRI and CT scans, the VSI recognizes the individual patients and fixates a 3D scan to the surgical site that can be positioned in their field of vision and controlled with gestures and speech commands. Preoperatively, VSI can be used to prepare for upcoming surgeries and for presentation to fellow colleagues. Postoperatively, VSI can assist in follow-up of evaluating the progression of the surgery.

With the advancement in invasive and complex surgical procedures such as neurosurgery, spinal surgery, and ENT surgery, VSI allows for peeling and cutting layers allowing the surgeon to orientate and visualize the finest structures of the body.

VSI is influenced by a highly qualified medical advisory board consisting of practicing doctors from diverse areas of expertise. Having reputable doctors to identify individual needs in their respective areas as well as functionality desires enhances the efficacy of VSI technology. Development of VSI is highly affected by the feedback from medical providers to make quality improvements that make the software unique and user defined.

“We chose to put VSI on a .health to immediately showcase to the customer our product services healthcare,” explains Nadja Parfenov, Marketing Manager of VSI. “With clients in many countries who are accustomed to various domain extensions, we chose .health considering it was neutral, modern, and international.”

VSI has the ability to change the surgical profession and positively impact the future of surgical outcomes, one operation at a time.

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