Release of the Consumer Health Online – 2017 Research Report

We released the Consumer Health Online – 2017 Research Report today and hope the report will inspire health marketers, digital strategists, and innovators to advance the future of health online and meet the growing demand of consumers seeking health information online.

Domains for Health: What Marketers Need to Know

Internet registry company dotHealth released the domain “.health” last month, making it available for organizations that provide healthcare or health information, market health products or services, or develop health-related technologies.

Mount Sinai App Lab launches

Rx.Health (the RxUniverse platform) allows healthcare providers to avoid the confusing task of selecting from 300,000+ health and wellness apps on the market and directly prescribe patients the most effective medical app for their respective disease state.

Flo expands offerings while rebranding to

Flo’s decision to rebrand to a .health domain began last year as they were making the transition from a period tracking app to a full-fledged women’s health platform. Flo recently added a pregnancy mode and began releasing features to cater to women at all stages of the reproductive cycle: teenagers, those wanting to conceive, pregnant women, young moms, women going through menopause, etc.

dotHealth joins the Executive Board of CSIP

Last week, dotHealth joined the executive board of The Center for Safe Internet Pharmacies (CSIP). CSIP companies work together to protect consumers from the dangers of fake online pharmacies through collaboration with law enforcement, promotion of corporate citizenship and consumer education.

appliedVR launches is a blog that educates readers about how VR technology is positively impacting patients and healthcare providers across the world. The blog is powered by appliedVR, the first VR platform designed for healthcare which is being used in more than 100 hospitals throughout the US.

Cora rebrands to

Cora is a connected health company that redefines the treatment of hypertension by leveraging the use of technology to provide scientifically-backed recommendations. Cora provides lifestyle suggestions that urge users to engage in mindful, healthy behaviors – all presented through a beautifully designed user interface.

SXHealth 2018: Top Picks

We’ve looked at each and every one of the 172 panels entered in this year’s Health & Wellness category to pick our favorites in a few categories that we’d love to see on stage. If you agree, give these panels your votes – it will get them one step closer to the SXSW stage this March 9-13 in Austin.