Austin SXSW Health 2018

SXSW 2018: All Things Health

SXSW is best known for its conference and festivals that celebrate the convergence of the interactive, film, and music industries. While the the conference was founded in 1987, it wasn’t until 2015 that an official “Health” track was added to the agenda – first as a separate event and now as a fully-incorporated track during the Interactive festival. Let’s hear it for digital health’s growth and recognition as a part of the larger technology industry!

While every SXSW is a whirlwind of amazing content and opportunities impossible to recap in a single post, we wanted to take a moment to highlight our favorite events from the past few days – and the health industry innovators that are making it happen! was the go-to source for all things #healthtech

The local Austin digital health community banned together to welcome their colleagues from around with world with – a helpful resource curated by Zac Jiwa of MI7, Steven Cutbrith of W2O Group, and William Rodriquez. In addition to listing all of the official and unofficial health-related events at SXSW, serves as the local Austin digital health community resource for opportunities, events, news, and general happenings in the health tech space. So if you’re in Austin (not just during SXSW!), you should still check out to see what’s happening!

CHIP was everywhere!

If you were walking the streets of Austin, you were bound to run into someone wearing the neon green wristbands and/or a funky, eye catching tee with a monkey on them. This vibrant swag was introducing the health tech community to a monkey named CHIP who represents, a powerful new machine learning platform that will change how we source, and partner with, innovation assets across multiple ecosystems.

Immersive Realities @ the Frontier of Healthcare

During the “Immersive Realities @ the Frontier of Healthcare” event, Kate Donovan (Innovation Education Technology Coordinator at Boston Children’s Hospital and collaborator of – a joint initiative between Klick Health and BCH), Josh Sackman (President of AppliedVR and, and Brennan Spiegel (Founder of discussed the future opportunities and general learnings as trailblazers in therapeutic VR. They explained how therapeutic VR is like a syringe and it should not be viewed as not a one-size fits all therapy and expressed their excitement for the future of the industry and discovering which experience and therapies work best for specific patients. brought Chicago-style innovation to Austin

Steven Collens (CEO of MATTER) represented the Midwest-based organization on the ground in Austin, along with b.well – a Baltimore-based MATTER member that makes managing health and insurance simple. They have created an app to store all aspects of your health in a single place, for life, and puts you in control. gathered big brand agencies and startups

HealthSpark2018 is a new event during SXSW Health that gives health tech startups an opportunity to pitch to agencies that support the health industry’s biggest brands. The event is organized by the amazing team at MIT Hacking Medicine. We were proud to sponsor and provide free .health domain registrations to the winning teams. Stay tuned to see what these innovators build on their startup’s new .health domains! Lastly, a big congrats to the team at Nuro for winning the Barracuda Bowl!

The Health Tech community invaded Stubb’s BBQ

No trip to Austin is complete without some BBQ, and there’s no better team than the one at Redox to help the community unwind after jam-packed days of pitching and networking! That’s why we teamed up with them to co-host the Health Tech Invaders event. From marga-Redox (get it?) to non-stop dancing and networking, there was never a dull moment at Stubb’s BBQ on Monday evening. Be sure to follow us on Twitter so you know about the fun events we host or co-host at upcoming health industry conferences.

If there’s no photo… it didn’t happen

We couldn’t resist sharing some of our favorite photos from SXSW – check them out here!

A huge congrats to the team at MIT Hacking Medicine for a great HealthSpark2018 event!
You know SXSW isn’t complete without swag, and we had it covered!
dothealth sxsw
CHIP and his friends from and Ogilvy on the streets of Austin!
Congrats to Nuro for winning the Barracuda Bowl at HealthSpark2018! welcoming b.well to the family!
The trailblazers in therapeutic VR snapped a quick selfie before their SXSW panel.
@HealthTechJen (with Stephen from ONC) rocking last year’s version of the .health SXSW t-shirts. Did you get yours? #collectorsedition
Our #HealthTech community friends enjoying the Health Tech Invaders Party


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