US Med launches for patients with diabetes

US MED, one of the nation’s leading suppliers of medical supply products, recently launched to provide patients with educational content and grow its online community. Over the past twenty years, US MED has provided medical supplies to over 600,000 patients and prides itself on not being a typical medical equipment provider. US MED is an organization that provides value-added services that enhance the patient’s quality of life and reduce the costs of care. From removing the patient’s burden of insurance claims processing to helping the patient obtain prescriptions directly from a patient’s physician, US MED acts more than a medical supply store, but as an advocate to patients in navigating the often confusing world of diabetes care.

Due to their staff’s unwavering commitment to their customers, US MED is an industry leader in patient satisfaction. 96% of US MED’s patients state they are very satisfied or satisfied with US MED’s products and services. US MED began its business in 1996, solely providing products to patients with Type 1 diabetes. As the diabetes industry’s landscape changed, US MED began offering tailored products to patients with Type 2 diabetes. By collecting constant customer feedback and placing the patient voice at the center of its growth strategy, US MED began offering additional medical products that patients expressed that they needed (e.g. urinary catheters, braces, cpap, nebulizers and medications, and insulin pumps).

“At US MED, we approach diabetes in a way that is holistic and patient-centered by not focusing just on delivering diabetic supplies and medications, but providing resources to our patients for better disease management. We are very excited to launch to further our mission of providing the best customer experience to our patients,” explains Adaris Balboa, US MED’s Manager of Sales Operations and Marketing.

Sugar Link connects diabetes patients, their caregivers, and their loved ones to information about diabetes, glucose monitoring, and the latest innovations in diabetic care. Through, not only can individuals connect with information via articles, videos, and applications, but they can connect with other people with diabetes via the Sugar Link Community Board. US MED believes that by providing their patients with the right knowledge, they can improve the lives of patients with diabetes.

dotHealth is ecstatic to partner with a company that continuously and creatively supports hundreds of thousands of patients across the nation, and we’re proud to have US MED’s recent initiative – Sugar Link – built on a .health domain!

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