Mount Sinai App Lab launches

Rx.Health (the RxUniverse platform) allows healthcare providers to avoid the confusing task of selecting from 300,000+ health and wellness apps on the market and directly prescribe patients the most effective medical app for their respective disease state. Rx.Health utilizes sophisticated evaluation matrix that assesses apps based on:

  • clinical trials
  • HIPAA compliance
  • economic stability of the app creator and published
  • evidence-based reviews concerning an app’s efficacy, learnability, and usability

Rx.Health was originally created in the Mount Sinai App Lab by Dr. Ashish Atreja. Dr. Atreja has been pioneering Digital Medicine for the past decade, first at the Cleveland Clinic, now at Mount Sinai Health System as the Chief Innovation and Engagement Officer of Medicine. Dr. Atreja also directs NODE Health, a consortium of over 20 health systems, which focuses on the evidence required for health systems to collaboratively adopt Digital Medicine solutions.

As healthcare moves from fee-for-service to value-based care, healthcare providers find it more important than ever to provide care to patients outside of the traditional clinical setting. Rx.Health provides the necessary extension of care through their RxUniverse App-Prescription platform.

“Rx is the traditional symbol for medicine and .health is symbolic of the future of healthcare.  By combining the imagery, we are sending the message that we are bringing medicine into the future by Prescribing Digital Medicine.” explains Ed Berde, CEO and co-founder of Rx.Health. Check out Ed’s recent interview to learn more about the future of Digital Medicine.

Learn more at Rx.Health and follow them on Twitter.

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