Release of the Consumer Health Online – 2017 Research Report

As the official registry for the .health domain extension, our organization is proud to be building the home for health online. In the years leading up to the launch of .health, we were preparing, strategizing, and seeking out data about how consumers are engaging with health online. We found ourselves and many others in the industry routinely referencing data from Pew’s Internet & American Life Project – Health Online 2013. While the study gave a comprehensive overview of how consumers engaged with health online in 2012 (data collected in 2012, report published in 2013), this information had become outdated. We recognized consumers have entirely different behaviors and expectations in 2017, and we needed to quantify and understand how people are engaging with their health online today.

Therefore, we commissioned Brightline Strategies to conduct a study of 1,509 adults in the United States who have engaged with health-related information online in the past 12 months. After reviewing the results, we organized the findings and published the Consumer Health Online – 2017 Research Report, which we are excited to share with the industry today!

In this report, we highlight the key insights and included in-depth segment breakdowns by age, gender, income, and health condition. We hope this report will inspire health marketers, digital strategists, and innovators to advance the future of health online and meet the growing demand of consumers seeking health information online.

We encourage you to download the full report and share with your colleagues!

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