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It’s time to renew your .health domain registration!

If you registered your .health domain name during the “Industry Access Period” from July-December 2017, it’s time to renew your domain registration. Here are a few FAQ’s about domain renewals to help you through the process:

Who do I renew the domain registration with?

You will renew your domain name with the registrar where you originally purchased the registration – here is a list of registrars that were active during our Industry Access Period. Your registrar is likely in this list. If you are still not sure, you can look up your domain name on the .health WHOIS lookup to see the registrar listed there.


Com Laude
Entorno Digital
EuroDNS S.A.
http.net Internet GmbH
Whois Networks Co, Ltd.


What if I want to renew it with a different registrar?

If you already have the domain registered at one registrar but wish to transfer it to another, you can do that as long as the new registrar is listed on our list of .health retail partners. Most registrars will have instructions on their website on how to transfer a domain from another registrar.

What is the price of a renewal?

.Health domain renewal prices will vary by registrar, but typically range from $60-100 per year for .health domain names. Even if you registered one of our premium .health domains with a higher first-year fee, the renewal will be at the lower, regular price.

Do I have to renew every year?

You can renew your domain for up to 10 years in order to avoid having to follow this process every year. Simply select the registration term during the renewal process at your preferred registrar.


We are excited to see what you are building on your .health domain name! Please do not hesitate to reach out to us if you have any questions about the renewal process.

Here’s to your health!
– the dotHealth team


P.S. If you have a website live on your domain and want to see it featured on our case studies or blog, please contact us so that we can help! Our .health case studies are also a great source of inspiration for anyone who hasn’t yet decided what to build on their .health domain name.

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