JPM Week by the Numbers

After sifting through all the events sprinkled throughout San Francisco throughout the week, we compiled some notable, interesting statistics about the events during JPM Week.

Meet The Doctors Innovating Healthcare

Entrepreneurial physicians across the country are not waiting for technology companies to innovate healthcare, rather they are leading the way and advancing healthcare by innovating in their own clinical practices.

Healthcare Scene Announces The Inaugural Health IT Expo

Health IT conferences are getting a makeover! The team at Healthcare Scene is rallying a collaborative community of Health IT problem-solvers to be part of something special – the newly announced HITExpo18 ( HITExpo18 will be May 30 – June 1, 2018 at the New Orleans Marriott and produced by Healthcare Scene – a renowned blog network that brings context to the latest news and innovations in Health IT.

Johns Hopkins Innovators Launch

A team of Johns Hopkins-based innovators is streamlining rehabilitation departments with, a web-based tool that identifies and predicts patients most in need for therapy services.

December 5, 2017: General Availability

Today begins the third and final stage of our launch efforts to bring .health to the world. We started on May 8, 2017 by giving validated trademark holders the first right to register their domains. Next, on July 20, we gave exclusive access to verified members of the health industry. Now, on December 5th, we expand our distribution to 50+ registrar partners.

5 things you should know about the .health domain

The .health domain extension is now available and is already becoming the web address of choice for everyone who is advancing health & wellness online. Trying to decide if a .health domain is right for you or your brand? Here are a few things you should know:

.health logo

Premium and Reserved .health domain names

There are 3 main categories of .health domain names: Standard Domain Names Standard .health domain names are available at the regular price through any participating .health domain registrar or reseller. You can register any available standard domain name through any accredited .health domain registrar for the standard fee. Search for your .health domain now > Premium Domain Names Premium domain names are short, memorable, easy-to-spell names that are in high demand. These domains cost more than standard domains, and their prices can be found at any participating .health accredited domain registrar. You can register any available premium domain through any […]

The .health Industry Access Period Ends November 30th

Early access for the health industry to register .health domains during the Industry Access Period ends on Thursday, November 30th. This period has allowed qualified members of the health industry first access to the best names available in .health – and so far, over 2,500 domains have been registered!

Connected Health 2017 Recap

If we had to sum up this year’s Connected Health Conference in three words, it would be “health system innovation.” What an amazing showcase of hospital innovation groups and their work to advance health through technology. We heard form groups like Johns Hopkins, Mt. Sinai in NYC, Healthbox/Intermountain Healthcare, and of course, Partners Healthcare.