Image from the website that speaks to how rare Pheo and Para tumors are

KnowPheoPara: Shining the spotlight on an extremely rare disease

Do you know pheo and para? Chances are, the answer to that question is no. After all, fewer than eight out of one million people are diagnosed with pheo (pheochromocytoma) and para (paraganglioma) per year. But, if you are one of those eight people, or a doctor who is new to the disease, the information found on could save your life, or the life of someone else.

Dock.Health: A hub for clinical task management and team collaboration

Many industries have been depending on project management tools like Trello, Jira and Slack for years. And yet, email still reigns supreme as the defacto communication tool for healthcare because of HIPAA. Enter: Dr. Michael Docktor, a practicing gastroenterologist at Boston Children’s Hospital and Keather Roemhildt, a user experience designer from Silicon Valley. After experiencing a typical afternoon in Docktor’s department (yes, Docktor is his real last name) the two began designing solutions that would make things better. This led to the creation of Dock Health, a mobile task management and collaboration tool for medical teams.

Health 2.0 event tickets

Your .health domain name is your ticket to Health 2.0 in Santa Clara!

We are excited to announce that we are providing 6 health innovators with free tickets to attend the Health 2.0 Fall Conference in Santa Clara, CA from September 16-18, 2018! That’s a value of $1,599 per ticket, and a chance to attend the premier annual conference for innovators in health!

MyGiHealth on a smartphone with logos.

MyGi.Health: Healthier Guts, Happier Doctors, More Efficient Clinical Trials

“There’s got to be a better way.” It’s a statement we hear so often in the healthcare industry. And for one company it was the inspiration behind their solution, MyGiHealth, a platform that helps people find relief for gastrointestinal issues, communicate with their doctor, and connect with others who have similar symptoms. To find out more about MyGiHealth, we caught up with Duncan McLaren, the CEO of My Total Health, the spinoff company that developed the app for consumers. In the process, we learned that MyGiHealth is waaay more than just an app.

Sourcing Health Innovation for Astronauts … and Beyond!

Did you know that many innovations can be traced back to space travel? Memory foam, LED lights, baby formula, and CAT scans are just a few examples. Cool, huh? And now, a new way of sourcing innovation may also have its roots in space, thanks to The Collaborative Health Innovation Platform (known as CHIP). CHIP is a machine learning platform that is currently assisting the NASA-funded Translational Research Institute for Space Health (TRISH) source innovation for astronaut health – matching healthcare companies with startups and technologies to address gaps identified by NASA, that are keeping astronauts from visiting Mars. logo on screen

Icons.Health: A Video Series That Seeks to Spark Change Through Conversation

Have you ever been to a conference and the most exciting and relevant conversation is one that wasn’t on stage? We’ve all experienced those provocative unplanned discussions at conferences — the kind you can’t stop thinking about, “even after the lights have dimmed and the crowds have cleared.” The video series from AbelsonTaylor recreates and captures those moments, amassing a collection of perspectives from the crossroads of technology, healthcare, and innovation. The format is simple: two chairs, two people, and one thought-provoking conversation, and the results are always captivating.

Illustration of emotions - empathy

Empathy.Health: Taking Healthcare’s Hottest Topic from Words to Action

Last fall, when Michael Joseph first learned that he could register a .health domain, he was surprised at first to see that the domain name “” was still available. But after thinking about it, this made perfect sense: had not been registered because empathy is typically not front-and-center in the daily conversations and interactions surrounding the healthcare industry. It was a trend that he had been noticing for a while. While some may argue that empathy is simply intrinsic to the delivery of care, evidence suggests that this not consistent and pervasive throughout the industry. At HIMSS18, Michael joined […]

.health domain renewals

It’s time to renew your .health domain registration!

If you registered your .health domain name during the “Industry Access Period” from July-December 2017, it’s time to renew your domain registration. Here are a few FAQ’s about domain renewals to help you through the process

Bayer G4A Program

Bayer G4A: Advancing Digital Health Through the Power of Collaboration

Bayer G4A is a global program formerly known as Grants4Apps. These days, the “A” in G4A stands for much more — acceleration, advancement, AI, and everything else that’s advancing the current state of digital health. Officially, G4A is a global program within Bayer that “supports startups and companies that are developing innovative solutions in health and care.” In other words, Bayer is tapping into the entrepreneurial ecosystem to facilitate progress — both within its own ranks, and within the healthcare and wellness industries as a whole.

RMDY Digital Therapeutics Made Simple Cloud-Based Digital Therapeutics for Everyone is “digital therapeutics made easy.” And for CEO Amir Kishon, that means providing cloud solutions for end-to-end digital therapeutics services for everyone. “We aim to provide the market with the best solutions so that any healthcare stakeholder can go in and create their own solution overnight,” said Kishon. “Our platform can be configured for big companies like Medtronic, or even a one-doctor clinic.”