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MarTech.Health: a Vendor Directory Built for Healthcare Marketing Professionals

Frequently, healthcare marketing professionals gather at industry conferences and forums to catch up on the latest news, share best practices, and exchange information. And at some point, someone inevitably asks, “Who did you use for this project? This service? This (fill in the blank)?” And that someone else gets a valuable referral. This is great for the one person who gets the referral – but what if that information could be shared on a broader scale? Soon, it will be. These kinds of vetted recommendations will be available anytime at – a new kind of healthcare marketing vendor directory filled with in-depth information and reviews.


The Directory that Knows Its Niche

We all know that healthcare marketers face a different set of marketing challenges. A seasoned digital healthcare marketing executive himself, MarTech.Health Founder and CEO Ed Bennett, saw an opportunity to create a much-needed tool for the healthcare professionals and vendors he’s met and worked with over the last 20 years.

“This fall, I attended a conference and spoke with my colleagues from both sides – vendors and marketers,” said Bennett. “It was unanimous: a tool like this was long overdue. That was the validation I needed to start the work and invest the time into making this happen.”

Bennett tells us that while there are other directories out there, the alternatives typically come in two varieties: Yelp-like directories with a similar audience that don’t have many details, or more comprehensive directories that include multiple industries.

By comparison, MarTech.Health will be an information-rich directory with user reviews, created for a very specific audience and purpose: healthcare-focused marketing, communications, and digital teams, looking for trusted vendors to help them do what needs to be done.

“This will be the only directory that connects this specific group of users,” explains Bennett. “Any hospital that’s looking will find a list of vendors that theoretically, would be appropriate for them. There won’t be any outliers.”

One advantage to this directory is that it will give vendors a flexible space to explain their unique value propositions and bring their brand stories to life — like a WordPress for healthcare marketing vendors. Vendors will be able to log into their profiles anytime and add text, pictures, graphics, podcasts, presentations, videos, white papers, social media streams, and other types of rich media that helps them explain who they are and what they’re offering.

In turn, there will be more in-depth information for the healthcare marketers and communications professionals to review and compare, including vendor reviews written by other members of the community.


The Easy Way to Find The Right Vendor

MarTech.Health will be a complex site, but that doesn’t mean it will be complicated. For healthcare professionals, it will make searching for a vendor (or coming up with a short list of potentials) easy. First of all, anyone will have the opportunity to browse the directory anonymously, and narrow their search based on location, specialty, and over 40 different categories, like patient engagement, mobile, branding, public relations, and web development.

However, healthcare marketers who want to use the advanced filters and tools that make the experience worthwhile will need to sign up for a free account. Once their account is created, they can bookmark their favorite vendors and put them in a comparison chart that can be forwarded to colleagues for review. The free account also enables them to provide feedback and reviews for the vendors they’ve used in the past – which helps their fellow healthcare marketers find the right vendors for them — and gives vendors the information they need to improve and refine their offerings.


Support for Vendors of All Sizes

Healthcare marketing, communications, and digital teams rely on lots of different types of vendors to get the work done. Vendors range from large Fortune 500 corporations to smaller agencies and firms, to individual contractors and specialists recruited for specific projects and initiatives. However, while MarTech.Health will offer multiple profile levels (standard and premium options), pricing will be set so that smaller consultants can afford to create robust profiles and have the same visibility as companies that are much, much larger.

“When Ed announced the creation of MarTech.Health, I signed us up right away!,” said AJ Monpetit, an experience designer at Area 10 Labs. “A resource that connects those working in healthcare with the vendors that can support their work is a fantastic endeavor that I am excited to be a part of. By removing barriers to entry for creatives to assist healthcare systems, businesses, and startups, we can begin the work of changing lives together.”

MarTech.Health will also offer a setup and maintenance program for vendors who don’t have time to update their profiles on a regular basis. Once they’ve signed up for the program, MarTech.Health will take care of it all for them.

Additionally, as MarTech.Health grows, Ed Bennett will continue to support the community he has created. “A big part of what I’ll be doing is seeing what works and what doesn’t, and publishing best practices,” says Bennett.


Checking Vendor Credibility at the Door

While this directory features vendors of all sizes, all listings will be vetted by the MarTech.Health team. “For vendors to be included in the directory, I have to see that they have a history of working with healthcare clients,” explains Bennett. “If healthcare isn’t a significant part of their focus, that vendor won’t be in the directory.”  User reviews are expected to provide another layer of quality assurance when searching for trusted healthcare marketing vendors.


Why .Health Was the Clear Choice

There are many reasons why Bennett has decided to launch MarTech on a .health domain. The most important reason: It communicated an important part of what his business is about. “It made it easier for me to set up a domain name because I was now using .health to say that this website, this directory, is focused on the healthcare industry,” explains Bennett. “And MarTech.Health identifies that this site is for marketing and technology folks. Together, these words create a very clear, readable, and easy-to-grasp domain name. When I heard that .health was available, I became very interested.”

Are you an agency or vendor? Visit today to create your own MarTech vendor profile. And if you’ll be at the Healthcare Marketing & Physician Strategies Summit, join us at the launch event for MarTech.Health on May 1st!

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