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Looking Back on HIMSS 2018, Las Vegas “Where the World Connects for Health”

HIMSS is the largest health information and technology conference in the world, and with 43,979 attendees, this year was no exception. However, with HIMSS’s recent acquisition of Healthbox, and the undeniable presence of tech giants like Google, Uber, Lyft, and Salesforce, change was in the air at this year’s conference. But the tech heavyweights weren’t the only ones shaking things up at HIMSS.

Digital health startups and innovators proved that small and nimble often has the advantage, especially when it comes to effecting change across an industry rife with bottlenecks, and bureaucracy. And, of course, this push for change is happening on .health domains. We caught with a few of the companies and innovators behind these domains at HIMSS. As expected, they were busy moderating discussion panels, leading workshops, throwing parties, and, of course, putting their best tech forward on the exhibition floor. Here’s a quick rundown of what we saw from the .health community at this year’s conference.

The launch of Empathy.Health

One of the most talked about sessions at this year’s roundtable focused on the launch of Empathy.Health. While the site officially launched at HIMSS this year, the seeds that would become Empathy.Health were planted years earlier by Michael Joseph when he was undergoing treatment for leukemia. During that period in his life, it became clear to Michael that the people he interacted with throughout the course of his treatment either didn’t understand what he was going through emotionally, or they didn’t care. Since that time, Michael, a seasoned health IT professional, has dedicated his life to making healthcare more “patient-centered, compassionate, accessible, effective and efficient.” He recently teamed up with a diverse group of collaborators to help him draw attention to this important issue and advocate for human-centered design in digital health.

RMDY.Health Debuts New Brand Identity

One of the best things about traveling to the year’s biggest health conferences, is seeing more companies with .health domains, and meeting the incredible people and companies behind them. This year, we met up with RMDY.Health’s VP of Client Relations, Elad Levran, and talked to him about RMDY’s recent rebrand and new .health website. RMDY debuted their new brand identity and tagline, “Digital Therapeutics Made Simple” at booth HIMSS booth #12312. Why the change? Executives felt the new name would better represent the company’s growing role in care delivery and treatment. The team at RMDY are loving their rebrand – and we are too!

Dock.Health Shows How It Gets Healthcare Done

This innovative product was demoed on the exhibition floor with Dock Health’s friends at Nuance Health. Dock Health is a HIPAA-compliant team collaboration and task management platform that leads to better patient care and helps prevent clinician burnout. Think Slack or Evernote for the healthcare industry. We were excited to see this product making the rounds at the biggest Health IT conference of the year!

Expo.Health Hosts a Mixer for the Social Media Elite

The team behind Expo.health (also known as Health IT Expo) hosted their 9th Annual Media Meetup at HIMSS on Wednesday. The event was sponsored by CareCognitics and the guest list included a who’s who of social media influencers, bloggers, and tweeters. The agenda? “Come to the event. Have fun. Eat. Mix. Drink Mingle. Take Selfies. Win free stuff.” Speaking of “win free stuff” no, we did not win the Apple TV or Samsung Smartphone that Expo.health gave away at the event. Next time Expo.health. Next time…

1upHealth Workshops Open Standards

1upHealth co-founder Gajen Sunthara gave a presentation at the HIMSS Innovation Lab about using open standards to drive technological innovation. This topic is especially relevant for Gajen and his team, considering 1upHealth enables app developers, patients and providers to connect and share data from health systems in minutes. The Boston-based company currently supports 100 health systems with over 100 locations in the U.S. Talk about a company that’s getting it done!

The Digital Health Coalition Holds Second Meeting

We had the honor of sponsoring the Digital Health Coalition’s steering committee meeting and reception at HIMSS. The newly-created group is “dedicated to enabling the rapid and sustainable adoption of innovative health solutions.” Coalition co-founders Stephen Konya of ONC and Nick Dougherty of PULSE@MassChallenge, are working to bring together senior digital health professionals from innovation ecosystems around the country, to share best practices and work on solving healthcare’s biggest problems. We are excited to be a part of it, with our Health Innovation Lead, Jennifer Lannon, representing the Miami community on the coalition’s steering committee.

Well, that’s a wrap, and now it’s off to SXSW with our friends at ATX.health and spark2018.health! But before we go, add a comment and tell us about your favorite part of this year’s HIMSS conference!

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