Meet The Doctors Innovating Healthcare

Entrepreneurial physicians across the country are not waiting for technology companies to innovate healthcare, rather they are leading the way and advancing healthcare by innovating in their own clinical practices. These clinicians have a unique perspective to understand the issues (and opportunities) of the American healthcare system – as they are on the front lines every day. Meet the physicians who are launching tech-focused solutions at their forward-looking health systems.

Dr. Michael Docktor – Boston Children’s Hospital –
Providing a HIPAA compliant collaborative platform for managing clinical tasks
Dr. Michael Docktor is the Clinical Director of Innovation at Boston Children’s Hospital and Founder of As a practicing gastroenterologist, he understands first-hand the workflow challenges for clinicians and their teams, so he and his team developed to make communication and collaboration easier through thoughtful design and simplicity.

Dr. Ashish Atreja – Mount Sinai Health System –
Simplifying how digital medicine is prescribed
Dr. Ashish Atreja is the Chief Innovation and Engagement Officer of Medicine at Mount Sinai Health System and Co-founder of The RxUniverse platform allows healthcare providers to avoid the confusing task of selecting from 300,000+ health and wellness apps on the market and directly prescribe patients the most effective medical app for their respective disease state.

Dr. Krishnaj Gourab – Johns Hopkins –
Eliminating paperwork and unnecessary redundancy in rehabilitation departments
Dr. Krishnaj Gourab is an assistant professor of physical medicine and rehabilitation at the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine and Co-founder of ReHAP’s clinical decision support makes physical and occupational therapists more capable and the management of their department’s services easier. ReHAP eliminates the whiteboard and other archaic tools by taking data from the EMR and making it actionable for rehabilitation clinicians and administrators.

Dr Zeev Kain – UC Irvine Health  –
Transforming the way care is delivered across the perioperative continuum
Dr. Zeev Kain is the President and Founder of the American College of Perioperative Medicine. As a researcher and healthcare executive committed to fixing problems well beyond the realms of medicine, he leads the ACPM by breaking down the silos in the American healthcare system. The ACPM is hosting an Interdisciplinary Conference on Orthopedic Value-Based Care in Newport Beach on February 9-11, 2018. Learn more at

Dr. Brennan Spiegel – Cedars-Sinai Medical Center –
Championing VR for pain and anxiety treatment
In partnership with his VR clinical research team at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, Dr. Brennan Spiegel, a gastroenterologist, founded the Virtual Medicine conference. Virtual Medicine is a two-day symposium and hands-on workshop that convenes the brightest minds in therapeutic VR happening in Los Angeles March 28-29, 2018. Attendees will learn from case studies, didactic lectures, patient vignettes, and simulation workshops.

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