HCIC Highlights

The healthcare marketers and dynamic agencies who represent the nation’s leading health systems convened in Austin on October 23 – 25th for an action-packed, content-heavy 21st annual Healthcare Internet Conference (HCIC). With eight concurrent sessions over the course of three days, there was programming for any and every aspect of online healthcare marketing.

A standout keynote presentation was Jay Baer who presented “The Truth About How to Fix Your Broken Content Marketing.” He introduced the term “bingeability” and how our Netflix-conditioned culture has certain consumer expectations when digesting online content. He explained consumers no longer want to wait for a new installment each week. If you are releasing new content, they expect a series all at once.

Jay had another interesting perspective about how video content that is too polished and overproduced often leads to consumer mistrust. He explained that raw, unadulterated video footage often is more successful at gaining brand trust with its consumers than over-produced videos.

In conjunction with the programming, we enjoyed meeting the authors of articles that had written about the launch of .health domains. Many healthcare agencies (MedTouch, Practis, W2O, Geonetric, and more) have been writing articles and spreading the news to their clients about registering .health domains throughout the .health Industry Access Period. It was very exciting to meet the authors of these articles in-person and get a sneak peak and inside scoop about the exciting campaigns and initiatives they are building on a .health domains!

While we learned about future .health campaigns these agencies are working on, we loved seeing MarTech.health liveand promotion of the new platform at HCIC. Ed Bennett, a well-known veteran in the healthcare marketing community was promoting the launch of MarTech Health Directory – a vendor directory resource for healthcare marketing teams at hospitals, pharmaceutical companies, and other related groups.  Ed had spent the last twenty years at an academic medical system working with amazing vendors and consultants. Considering these vendors were integral to his team’s success, he intends to make vendor discovery simple, reliable and enable people to find trusted partners outside their immediate network. The MarTech platform will launch next year and include transparent peer reviews and ratings, organized curated categories, and inclusive feedback channels.

“I decided to use a .health domain to signal the intent and purpose of the directory. Its entire focus is on healthcare,” explains Ed Bennett, founder of MarTech.health. “Plus, it makes for a short, memorable web address and brand.”

Lastly, it wouldn’t be an Austin-style event if there was not delicious food involved. In true Austin spirit, we hosted a Monday evening event with our friends at DocASAP at the popular southern kitchen, Fixe. The get together was a casual environment for HCIC attendees from across the nation to mingle with members of the Austin health innovation community. We look forward to seeing the HCIC in Scottsdale next year!


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