Health 2.0 San Francisco: Hack Healthcare!

This weekend we partnered with Health 2.0 San Francisco on their #HackHealthcare hackathon. From the start of pitches on Saturday morning, we could tell that this hackathon was filled with smart, talented techies who truly want to hack healthcare for the better! The API partners (athenahealth, BetterDoctor, Slack, and Yelp) were amazing, and the final projects blew us away – check out our 3 favorite projects that were built in just 24 hours… and on .health domains of course!

  • Giving cancer patients and their loved ones a portal to easily find concrete life expectancy stats for their diagnoses.
  • Enabling consumers to create their own double-blind clinical effectiveness trials and generate their own health research studies.
  • Helping physicians avoid burnout through a smart scheduling tool using pre-visit screening. (Doctors + Uber… get it?)

A huge congrats to inPhood, the winners, who as a team of just two integrated three APIs into their solution in 24 hours (Athenahealth, Slack, and BetterDoctor)!

And the biggest thank you to the volunteer organizers – Pauliina Alanen, Joe Attokaren, and Akansh Murthy – from the Health 2.0 San Francisco Chapter.


Are you organizing a health hackathon and think .health domains are a good fit? Contact us!

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One thought on “Health 2.0 San Francisco: Hack Healthcare!

  1. Indeed a big thanks to Pauliina Alanen, Joe Attokaren, and Akansh Murthy for doing such a terrific job organizing this. Very well run, lots of resources to help get things going, and great API partners. Thank you dot health for the free domain offer too!

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