Encounter Telehealth Allows Mental Health Providers to Expand Their Influence

Currently, more than 65 million Americans suffer from a diagnosable mental health illness, and Encounter Telehealth strides to eliminate geographical barriers to much-needed, high-quality mental health care. By leveraging its technology, Encounter Telehealth is addressing and hoping to reduce the United States’ mental health provider shortage. There are less than half the number of providers needed to meet this overwhelming and growing need. In rural communities, this shortage is worst since less than a quarter of the mental health providers are accessible.

Encounter brings the mental health providers to the patients in underserved, often rural communities by removing geographical barriers and providing virtual consults. The Encounter Telehealth team is comprised of people with loved ones suffering from mental health illnesses. By understanding these intricate mental illnesses and patients on a personal level, their team is able to empathize and build a product that fits the needs of people with mental illness.  Their platform allows Encounter providers to deliver higher quality care, simplify access to care, and reduce patients’ out-of-pocket expenses.

“Both Encounter Telehealth and .health represent a forward-thinking mindset in healthcare,” explains Jen Amis, CEO of Encounter Telehealth. “We want our domain names to reflect the future of healthcare.”

Encounter Telehealth is committed to empowering individuals to take charge of their own health and allow mental health providers to expand their influence by leveraging technology.

Learn more at Encounter.Health and follow them on FacebookTwitter or LinkedIn.

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