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Considering that one out of four adults have high blood pressure and that hypertension-related healthcare spend constitutes roughly 10% of global healthcare costs, hypertension is undeniably a large health problem. Fortunately, more people are turning to mobile technology and utilizing the Internet to seek support in managing their condition.

Cora is a connected health company that redefines the treatment of hypertension by leveraging the use of technology to provide scientifically-backed recommendations. Cora provides lifestyle suggestions that urge users to engage in mindful, healthy behaviors all presented through a beautifully designed user interface.

“Traditionally, hypertension treatment is based on treating ‘the symptom’ of high blood pressure through medication which artificially reduces the patient’s blood pressure, either by slowing down their heart rate or widening their blood vessels,” explains Cora’s co-founder Josef Moser.

In contrast to just treating “the symptom”, Cora tackles the underlying causes of hypertension, which in most cases is a combination of an unhealthy diet, lack of exercise, and too much stress. Cora helps people better understand their blood pressure data. They make it easy to track and self-assess the development and current state of an individual’s condition through charts, statistics, and straightforward explanations. Cora motivates its users to live healthier through proven methods of habit formation, such as weekly goals, reminders, and rewards with the aim to form effective and lasting improvements to their heart health.

“We chose to rebrand to because we wanted a domain name that represents our product a connected health app,” explains Cora’s co-founder Melanie Hetzer.  “Transferring to a .health domain creates a direct link between Cora and the healthcare sector. Thus, people immediately grasp which industry Cora is in and what we are all about.”

While majority of Cora’s users live in the UK, Germany, Switzerland, and Italy, their user base is on track to grow by 400% from now until the end of the year. Cora is continually improving their product, such as by building a secure cloud backup solution and by integrating data with third party equipment.

The free version of Cora offers blood pressure condition tracking, activity goals, and reminders. The premium version of Cora (£10.49 per year) boasts advanced data analysis tools, smart recommendations, passcode protection, and PDF reports.  If you or a loved one is managing high blood pressure, join the thousands of others using Cora! 

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