Debuts An Innovative 2-in-1 Dose Capsule

ComboCap is a new type of capsule design founded by a researcher who was curious of the potential of pioneering “nutra-pharma” products. ComboCap’s technology was conceived and started by Jacques van Rooyen PhD, a renowned South African Physio-Cardiologist, who was committed to improving outcomes for people with heart disease.  Having trained as a scientific cardiovascular researcher, Dr. van Rooyen’s research on the increased positive effects of red palm oil when ingested with other ingredients led to the development of a new delivery technology. Dr. van Rooyen realized that the best effects required a combination therapy that would best be delivered in a capsule that could carry two disparate (wet or dry) ingredients.

As a result of his extensive work and research, he holds multiple patents in the space. In partnership with a close team of technology, engineering and business development partners, he launched Binutra USA, now operating as ComboCap, Inc. ComboCap and its strategic licensed manufacturing partners, control the design, manufacture and production of the equipment used in producing the patented dual-delivery, two-in-one capsules.

Dietary supplements and nutraceutical companies are enthusiastic about the opportunity in mixing nutrients and increasing the bioavailability of their products. Pharmaceutical companies are now turning to ComboCap as the clear solution when exploring combination therapies.

ComboCap’s technology is advancing health by allowing for separate ingredients to be housed in a single 2-in-1 capsule. Traditionally ingestible product delivery was not convenient, but now ComboCap enables the added potential of boosted bioavailability, greater stability and the ability to develop innovative substance combinations.

“Introducing a new technology can be challenging in the complicated industry of health,” explains CMO of ComboCap, Andrea F. Fitting, PhD. “Having an immediately recognizable and validating .health domain was an incredible benefit when introducing the products. By promoting ComboCap on, we instantaneously demonstrate to end users and partners our purpose: improving health for everyone.“

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