Boston Children’s Hospital and Duke Health System launch

There are more than a half million children in the United States with complex medical needs that require frequent health care visits and specialists. Caremap, developed by Boston Children’s Hospital’s Innovation & Digital Health Accelerator (IDHA) in collaboration with Duke Health System, is an app that enables family caregivers to securely store vital medical information and share it with health professionals as part of their care or in an emergency. Families can also use the app to track health metrics important to them and gain insights to inform their child’s care. Designed for iOS, it was built using the Apple CareKit framework.   

Caremap was developed to be a patient and family oriented app, harnessing their voice and perspective​. With Caremap, families can track parameters like exercise, mood, pain and sleep and they can add custom metrics of their choice (e.g. school attendance, temper tantrums). Families can view the data in colorful graphs to see trends and patterns. For example, as a parent you could record eating and pain patterns to determine whether your child’s pain goes down if she reduces her sugar consumption. The visual depiction of trends enables families and health care providers to observe trends and have more data to best manage their child’s care.

This utilization of CareKit in the development of Caremap is a perfect manifestation of CareKit’s mission to empower people to manage their own care. As the development team at Boston Children’s and Duke Health plans to add more functionalities, their first goal is to connect Caremap to Cerner and Epic. Caremap is one of the apps created by Boston Children’s Innovation and Digital Health Accelerator (IDHA). IDHA’s goal is to develop and accelerate a portfolio of digital health offerings that extend access, reach, and scale of the hospital’s clinical expertise, improving child health globally.

“The ability to track custom parameters provides an important window into patients’ lives that is not captured in the electronic health record, but is important to families.”

– Dr. Michael Docktor, Clinical Director of Innovation at Boston Children’s Innovation & Digital Health Accelerator and clinical lead of Caremap

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