7 Tips for Health Innovators to Partner with Big Brands

Last month, we hosted a group of health innovators, brand leaders, and marketing agencies for a conversation on how to spark further collaboration between groups. The conversation included: 


Almost every big pharma company spends more on sales and marketing than they do on R&D. (Source: The Washington Post)

Pharma is also spending more each year on direct to consumer digital ad spend – but still, the majority ($5.7B) goes to traditional while only $1.9B is spent on digital. While the digital number is rising, perhaps if health brands had more access to relevant, vetted, innovative technologies to better accomplish targeted digital marketing toward their consumers, they’d open up their wallets – and reach more customers.

Big tech companies and startups themselves are catching on. Facebook hosted its first ever Facebook Health Summit in New York this summer targeting at getting more health marketers to test out its platform. Pandora recently announced further microtargeting for health brands.

Of course, not every health tech company fits into the marketing budget of a health brand. A few of the areas that are ripe for working with health brands and their marketing agencies include: places where brands can buy targeted ad space (e.g. a new social network, app, or content provider); new ways of engaging with patients or physicians (e.g. VR experiences); and tracking patient outcomes (e.g. for drugs where payment is dependent on success of the drug).

If you think (or already know) that you have an innovative solution to a problem that health marketers are facing, there are several ways to get in front of the right people and make connections to test your theory. We think you’ll find that in these publications and at these events, everyone is talking about digital, innovation, and disruption – and that you might have some great value to add.


7 Tips for Health Innovators to Partner with Big Brands:


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A HUGE thank you to our friends at MedStartr for filming the event for us — see the full video of the panel discussion above.
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