Bayer G4A Program

Bayer G4A: Advancing Digital Health Through the Power of Collaboration

Bayer G4A is a global program formerly known as Grants4Apps. These days, the “A” in G4A stands for much more — acceleration, advancement, AI, and everything else that’s advancing the current state of digital health. Officially, G4A is a global program within Bayer that “supports startups and companies that are developing innovative solutions in health and care.” In other words, Bayer is tapping into the entrepreneurial ecosystem to facilitate progress — both within its own ranks, and within the healthcare and wellness industries as a whole.

Bayer has found that partnering with like-minded companies and individuals is key when you want to venture into new domains within the health and technology space. And it was only a matter of time before their journey brought them to the new .health domain extension.

“We are big supporters of .health and we’ve known members of the team for many years,” said Aline Noizet, chief connector of Bayer G4A digital health partnership programs. “But aside from that, we chose a .health domain because it’s important for us to be part of the community that’s making a change in healthcare.”

Our team has been huge fans of the program since we first heard about their mission. We know this is only the beginning for this passionate team of industry veterans and entrepreneurs, and we’re excited to hear about the upcoming debut of their latest digital health initiative, the G4A Generator. Bayer will announce the winners of their inaugural G4A Generator program on May 24th in New York City.

Walking the Innovation Walk

Many corporations talk about innovation. Some even have business units, innovation labs or research and development teams dedicated to creating groundbreaking work. Still, many of these groups live in silos, away from all of the advancements that are pushing the rest of the world forward.

“You have to clearly identify the challenge or need first, and be able to translate that challenge or need to the outside world,” explains Noizet. “However, if you aren’t keeping up with digital technology trends, like the potential of AI and virtual reality, then it’s difficult to imagine how you could improve things.”

Bayer is putting their innovation talk into practice with a series of programs and events that bring people together to solve specific challenges within the industry.

Making Connections the G4A Way

The G4A team has recently been restructured around three main pillars: G4A Intelligence, G4A Ventures, and G4A Startup Programs. Each one focuses on forging connections and fostering collaboration – the lifeblood of Bayer G4A. Together, they reiterate one corporation’s mission to build bridges and empower patients.

Upcoming Digital Health Events & Programs

From Bogota to Barcelona, Moscow to Milan, Bayer G4A is disrupting the status quo and fostering innovation across the globe. Here’s a shortlist of their upcoming events and programs:

G4A Generator in New York CityG4A Generator Kickoff event in New York City on May 24th

Bayer’s G4A Generator is a program for companies who are interested in partnering with Bayer to deliver innovative self-care solutions in the U.S and empower people to take better care of themselves. The winners receive a letter of intent to start a commercial deal with Bayer.

Finalists pitch their ideas to a panel of Bayer executives in New York on May 24th. The winners are announced that evening, followed by discussions surrounding consumer health. Then, everyone is invited to celebrate with the winners at the Bayer G4A Kickoff Party.


Have a digital health solution? G4A Accelerator

G4A Accelerator in Berlin, Germany

Bayer handpicks the startup that will receive mentoring by Bayer executives, entrepreneurs and experts; office space for 100 days in Berlin; and 50K EUR of financial support.

Interested companies with solutions in the early stages of development still have time to apply – the deadline is May 31stDigital health solutions should have a prototype and focus on one (or more) of the following:

  • Women’s Health (e.g., endometriosis)
  • Cardiology (e.g., heart disease prevention)
  • Neurology (e.g., sleep and cognition)
  • Digital Therapeutics (e.g., chronic diseases)
  • AI for R&D (e.g., simulations)
  • Virtual Trial Applications (e.g., data analysis)
  • Blockchain (e.g., treatment options)
  • Physician-Patient Engagement Solutions


G4A Dealmaker in Berlin, Germany

Bayer’s G4A Dealmaker is a match-making/networking program catered to mature companies that have a ready-to-go solution that addresses one (or more) of Bayer’s challenges in various focus areas.

Selected companies have the chance to pitch to Bayer’s team in Berlin and earn their business. (And yes, if your company is selected to pitch in Berlin, you receive a travel stipend from Bayer.) Bayer is accepting applications until July 8, 2018, and Dealmaker Day will be held on October 9, 2018.


For more information about Bayer’s latest G4A programs, visit

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