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Adjuvant.Health: How pediatricians get back to being pediatricians

Last month, we attended the 7th Annual StartUp Health Festival in San Francisco, where we met with innovators from startups and established companies that are transforming the world of healthcare. One of those startups was Adjuvant.Health.

Allied Physicians Group, one of the largest independent medical partnerships in New York, created Adjuvant.Health to solve a prevalent problem in the world of pediatrics. Now more than ever, independent practitioners are hampered by the business of “running the office,” and have less time to care for patients.

To find out more about Adjuvant.Health’s services, and recent expansion, we spoke with CEO Etan Walls and Marketing Manager Brianne Chidichimo about their newest project:

dotHealth (DH): OK… first things first: Tell us why you chose to market this new initiative with a .health domain name?

Adjuvant.Health (AH): When we heard about .health, we thought it was an exciting opportunity to set ourselves apart from other managed services companies. Having a URL that uses the .health domain extension helps communicate that we are at the forefront of what’s happening next in health, instantly.

DH: We’re so happy to hear that. What’s the most important thing that pediatricians should know about Adjuvant.Health?

AH:  We are here to simplify the lives of private practice pediatricians, and let them focus on what got them started in the first place: their patients. Private practices outsource their business and administrative tasks to us, which improves efficiency, and ultimately leads to better healthcare outcomes and patient experiences, not to mention happier doctors. At the moment, we offer services in the following areas:

    • Accounting and Financial Services
    • Technology Services & Support
    • Analytics & Quality Reporting
    • Human Resources & Benefits
      • Revenue Cycle Management & Billing
    • Telehealth
    • Marketing/PR
    • Office Manager Enrichment Programs

DH: What sets your services apart from something a large hospital might create/build?

AH: We’re backed by one of the few independent pediatric groups in the country, Allied Physicians Group, which is pediatrician-owned and led. We are solving problems we’ve seen and experienced ourselves, and we’re open to direct feedback from our clients.

DH: Can you give us some examples of how your clients have succeeded in using your service?

AH: Recently, we worked with a practice in Bellmore, New York that had trouble tracking child well visits. Our in-house analytics team poured through the data, which showed that visits were often scheduled late, or not at all. The team built a better tracking system for the practice, which led to a 20% increase in on-time well visits.

DH: What new and exciting adventures are on the horizon for

AH: Our services have recently expanded and are now available to pediatric groups across the country. We are accepting new clients and looking forward to more growth in 2019!  

For more information, visit Adjuvant Health or contact our Associate VP of Business Development, Kevin Edwards.

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