1upHealth Enables Healthcare Developers to Innovate Quicker

Are you a developer looking for the fastest way to build an EHR connected healthcare application? Check out 1up.Health! Ricky Sahu and Gajen Sunthara are the co-founders of 1upHealth – together, they are using their diverse backgrounds to solve healthcare’s challenging issue of data sharing and empower healthcare innovators to innovate quicker.

Ricky, the CEO, formerly worked at Google and was the Director of Engineering at CareJourney. Gajen is the Director of Innovations R&D at Boston Children’s Hospital and was a Presidential Innovation Fellow during the Obama Administration where he worked with HHS and CMS. The duo were frustrated that building a secure and connected healthcare app usually takes a lot of time and effort. Historically, healthcare app developers and researchers spend months and thousands of dollars just to get the medical data out of EMRs and handle the data securely. Once this tedious process is complete, only then can innovators and developers finally able to begin building their solution. This time delay and cost barrier often kills innovation in the healthcare system before it can even start.

The 1upHealth platform allows developers to launch an application and automate secure data sharing from patients’ electronic medical records in less than a minute. Patients simply authorize access to the app linking any of 1upHealth’s 37 health systems partners which span EMRs (e.g. Cerner and Epic) and wearables sensors. Patients can also use the 1upHealth patient application to connect health data from hundreds of facilities and share medical data. Not only developers and patients benefit from the simplicity of the platform, but researchers and providers can view that shared data in the 1upHealth EMR integrated application. Sounds like a great idea, right? Well the US Government thinks so – they’ve awarded 1upHealth 3 awards for its products for patients, providers, and application developers.

The clever name, 1upHealth, comes from the classic video game Mario Kart where the “1up” magic mushroom gives players an extra life. Considering 1upHealth’s mission statement to help healthcare innovators “extend life”, the name playfully embodies their company’s mission.

“We chose .health as the domain extension for our company because it is both consumer and enterprise facing brand,” explains Ricky. “The health industry is huge, and we wanted our URL to instantly communicate the industry we are in.”

Learn more at 1up.Health and follow them on Twitter or LinkedIn.

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