Giant Health Event Europe’s Greatest Festival of Health Tech Innovation

Those who count Las Vegas, Austin, and Orlando as premiere health tech conference destinations will want to add London to the list – pronto! That’s where Europe holds its own festival of health tech innovation. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, we said FESTIVAL – not conference or expo – and we said it with an English accent. So get your passport, catch a plane, and direct your gaze to clouds – after all, that’s where a GIANT and his mythical beanstalks are to be found.

Nym Health - The next generation of clinical coding

The Secret of Autonomous Medical Coding

We recently asked Alexa if she could code a few medical charts for us. Her reply? “Sorry I don’t know that.” We expected this. After all, the U.S. healthcare industry spends billions of dollars on 250,000 medical coders every year to do the job. This way of doing business might be error-prone, inefficient, and bound by constantly changing regulations, but hey, IT IS a solution. But you know what else is a solution? Autonomous medical coding. And thanks to tech company, who just closed with $6 million in fresh financing, autonomous coding will be implemented right here in the […]

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Queerly.Health: LGBTQ Health and Wellness for All of Us

Derrick Reyes is the Co-Founder and CEO of Queerly Health. Queerly Health lives on Queerly.Health, which will be the future home of an online marketplace of LGBTQ-friendly health and wellness providers, telehealth capabilities, and concierge health services. With a background in LGBTQ health, education, and social services, and a member of the LGBTQ community themself, Derrick knows firsthand how difficult it is for LGBTQ people to access anything related to healthcare. Derrick also understands digital health’s potential to create some much needed change. Determined to carve out a space for LGBTQ people in digital health, Derrick came up with the […] Helping parents (and their employers) navigate the change a new baby brings

The period before and right after the birth of a new baby is challenging for parents everywhere. Not only does it impact parents’ physical and emotional well-being, but it also has a dramatic effect on employee retention and the gender pay gap. Enter – a UK-based company that gives new parents access to fully-qualified, insured, and vetted professionals during one of the happiest, and most difficult, periods of their lives.

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HSR.Health: Data doesn’t define health outcomes. Early intervention does.

Welcome to HSR.Health, home of Health Solutions Research, Inc. (HSR). This platform uses data on the social determinants of health to identify who may be at risk of developing addictions or experiencing adverse outcomes – helping government agencies, health systems, clinicians, and others mitigate risk before it evolves into something real.

A conversation with Together.Health

Together.Health is an organization that uses the power of community to accelerate change in healthcare. When the group isn’t hosting fireside chats and panels at some of the world’s biggest healthcare conferences, they’re busy working behind the scenes to develop standards, identify resources, and champion solutions that promise to move the entire industry forward. Recently the group rebranded from the “Digital Health Collaborative” to Together.Health. We sat down to interview some of the team members to express our admiration for their shiny new .health domain and to get the lowdown on what they’re up to. Here’s the interview:

Austin SXSW Health

SXSW 2019: The .health roundup

Two years ago at SXSW, we hadn’t even launched yet, but innovators were already hustling and launching projects on .health domain names through our pre-launch partnership program – including and This year, we stopped in and checked up to see “where are they now”… Here’s our recap of SXSWHealth 2019!

Adjuvant.Health Business and Administrative Services

Adjuvant.Health: How pediatricians get back to being pediatricians

Last month, we attended the 7th Annual StartUp Health Festival in San Francisco, where we met with innovators from startups and established companies that are transforming the world of healthcare. One of those startups was Adjuvant.Health. Allied Physicians Group, one of the largest independent medical partnerships in New York, created Adjuvant.Health to solve a prevalent problem in the world of pediatrics. Now more than ever, independent practitioners are hampered by the business of “running the office,” and have less time to care for patients.

Behind the scenes of a Jessica DaMassa interview.

WTF.Health: Jessica DaMassa Interviews the greatest minds in Health Tech & Innovation

WTF Health is a new video series hosted by Jessica DaMassa that seeks answers to the question, “what’s the future (WTF) of health?” Wait. Hold on. You thought WTF meant something else? Oh right. Well, it means that too. After all, healthcare is an industry we all love, and love to hate. Recently we caught up with Jessica to find out WTF is going on in the ever-changing world of health and technology, and learn more about her labor of love (and awesome .health domain), WTF.Health.

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SHSMD – Seattle 2018

We returned last week from the SHSMD Connections conference in Seattle from Oct 6-10 where we were excited to join thousands of healthcare marketers, creative strategists, and integral supporting vendors. The SHSMD organizing team successfully addressed serious topics with an event infused a sense of fun and playfulness – including a street artist as a keynote speaker and an energetic event at the Museum of Pop Culture.