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.health [dot - health] (n): the domain extension for brands, organizations, and
individuals who provide health products, services and information.

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What is .health

You’ve heard of .org and .edu – now the health industry has its own domain extension: .health

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Who is using .health domains?

  • Healthcare Professionals
  • Pharmaceutical Companies
  • Medical Associations
  • Hospitals
  • Payors
  • Health Products /Services
  • Wellness
  • Health Tech
  • ...and more!

How to use .health

For a new company

The .health domain extension immediately tells the world that your website is health-related – and with the availability of many great names, it’s perfect for new companies and brands building websites for new products.

Mount Sinai’s AppLab chose
to introduce their digital medicine platform.

For a rebrand

If you had to settle for a less-than-perfect domain name in the past, .health domains provide an opportunity to rebrand with a shorter, better name while simultaneously showcasing your affiliation with the health and wellness industry.

MATTER rebranded to
to assert their health-industry focus.

For a campaign

Focused and meaningful, the .health domain extension is ideal for blogs, advertising campaigns, or other initiatives that require their own domain name apart from your company’s website.

appliedVR built
to consolidate their thought leadership content
on the clinical benefits of VR.

For a URL shortener

With the need to be “short and sweet” in advertising calls-to-action, marketers are taking advantage of the opportunity to use a branded URL shortener for promotions and campaigns.

athenahealth uses to redirect to their MDP marketplace.

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